Building company [Interturd] has dug too deep on an old burial ground that was used for plague victims. The disease has once more spread to the general population. Unable to control the spread, the government have brought in an extermination team to wipe out everyone in the infected area, be they infected or not. Can you survive infection? Or escape the plague Doctor Unit?


You enter one of Kent’s biggest burial sites for the victims of the plague has been disturbed by building work. The disease has returned, but it has mutated! The infected have become ghouls that want to rip your flesh of the bone! 

There are also Plague Doctors that will consider you a contagious threat, and they will stop at nothing to hunt you down!

Can you survive the infection? Will the infected tear you limb from limb? Will the plague doctors eliminate you before you reach the exit?

Enter, and find out….