It has been a great passion of Jim’s to share his enthusiasm for Halloween and other seasonal events to with everyone, it started 15 years ago when Jim had his first Halloween party with a few propsand from there he moved into decorating his complete house to his wife’s horror, everyone who attended could not believe the work he had put into changing his kitchen into a scene from saw with actors blending into props, and his living room a scene from Dracula’s castle with stone walls and lanterns. Apart from Halloween Jim has hosted Hawaiian, American and Hollywood parties, and about 6 years ago approached Matthew to do an online sales party goods which was a great success, however all they really wanted to do was entertain people. So with hard work and a lot of research here and abroad they have come up with Fullmoon events, a company to entertain you!

Ticket prices are as low as £6 and you also can combine haunts to save money. Please visit our Haunts page to find out more.